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About Us

AIT Exam Prep was founded 9 years ago to help Administrators in Training (AITs) prepare for both the California and National Nursing Home Administrator licensure exams.

AIT Exam Prep classes focus on the essential knowledge needed to make a successful administrator. Administrators must be well versed in the latest regulations, which ensure good nursing home practices and be acutely aware of the "Domino" effect. The "Domino" effect exemplifies how every aspect of the Nursing Home affects Quality of Care and Quality of Life for residents and their family members.

Failure to adhere to National or California regulations can trigger a series of negative consequences. Regulations on both the California and National licensure exams ensure residents experience a good quality of life through good nursing home care practices. To be well educated, Nursing Home Administrators must be able to place themselves in their residents' shoes so they can understand physically, mentally and emotionally what the residents are experiencing 24 hours a day.

Family members must also be considered as they often play an integral role in the care and quality of life of the residents. Staff education and training, adequate staffing and staff who are nurturing and empathetic are also the Nursing Home Administrator's responsibility to help ensure the best quality for all."

It is with this comprehensive approach that AIT Exam Prep helps administrators reach their full potential for themselves and for their residents.

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